Commute Dispute

Here’s the scenario. I’ll give you the ending first…

11 second stare-down with an airport traffic cop…

Okay now let’s go backā€¦ Dropping somebody off at the Delta terminal, which happens to be in front of the crosswalk. They haven’t even gotten their luggage up onto the curb yet and this man in a neon green reflector vest and peculiarly dyed mustache is already tapping on my window, telling me “Gotta keep moving!,” even illustrating the direction on the one-way road I need to go with his twirling finger.

Since we’ve now engaged in some remedial level sign-language, I respond through the closed window with my own pointed finger, mine aimed directly at the 3 luggage-toting commuters before me in the crosswalk. He shrugs, and once again…finger twirl.

Realizing the futility of our otherwise adorable pantomiming, I roll down my window, point once again towards the crosswalk, and ask the officer if the fine for loitering is more or less expensive than for vehicular manslaughter.

…Which brings us to our aforementioned conclusion.